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My kinda conflicted feelings.

So like, the thing with online anonymity is that no one knows you and therefore theres no issue with stating actual criticism. This is why I took it so seriously, never knowing these flaws, believing if I was lied to has been on me the whole last few days. I want honesty so I can get better, I don’t care much for anything else but my work. It’s kinda all I have left going for me. It’s really the only thing I have.



shit sketches

dar-kuu advertising dar-kuu. HEs all alone in this world. Good.
shit sketches
Painting practice today, It&#8217;s not very good actually but I wanted to post more of my studies and yeah.&#8217;&#8221;:RLjfdsfdcx

been practicing some lineart, will practice painting tomorrow

Edit: I got a lot of flack for thin arms and wide head so I fixed that. :x

I really do want to be a good artist more than anything in the world so I’m always here for suggestions because I’m not the best at these things. Thanks though guys who didn’t just call me shit. I dunno if thats the best way to got about it D:


I have fallen! I’ll get up though. Thank you to me for constantly knowing more about art than past me to double check these things. I never do. hit my head. I might learn.

I’ve been working really hard on improving my work, which is probably why I haven’t been posting.  Trying to be a good artist is my number 1 priority in life now and I am trying my best to get better. Any support and help is well loved. I am spending quite a time with gestures. I am also really stressed and have been going through a lot. I was taken to the ER recently for no good reason, so if anyone heard about that it’s nothing to worry about just over reactions. I plan on trying to also get my work out later as right now my work is crap.

hey I finished this one

Most of my art is a bunch of requests that I’ve just done for free. I dunno why I do that.